About Moi

Shoe Size:  6.5

Favorite Color:  Red

Name of High School English Teacher:  Mrs. Patti Roach

Best Trait: I’m a pack-rat

Childhood Nickname: Stink Pot

Pants Size:  Not relevant information

Dream Car:  Porsche 911 Targa. White

Pets:  Bitsey, a snooty & entitled Maltese, & Bridget, a miniature Dachshund with bad breath

What’s my Sign?  I’m an Aries, baby

Favorite Gemstone:  Emerald

College:  The University of Texas

Last Meal if Ever on Death Row:  Grilled salmon, creamed spinach & lemon bars with a side of nachos. Bottle of La Crema Chardonnay & Margaritas on the rocks, with salt.

The One Food I Will NOT Eat:  Hard-boiled eggs

Favorite Dude Singer:  Toss up between Sting & Prince, runner-up – George Michael

Favorite Chick Singer: Aretha Franklin, no contest

Favorite Actor of All Time: Denzel – duh

If I Could Erase it, I Would: Being called in front of sorority Standards Committee for getting wasted at the Phi Delt Tequila Mixer

Pet Peeve: When people say, “anyways”  instead of, “anyway,” and the mis-use of the words, “who” and “whom,” which, incidentally are not interchangeable. Thank you, Mrs. Roach.

* I don’t expect them to, but this page will be revised if things change

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